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My story

about My Sweet Home

Why you make your own room spray?

Because I couldn't find it in the market, so I make it myself. As a facilitator, a trainer and a coach, creating a comfortable and relax environment is so important to make my connection with people success. I mentioned it in my blog Tips and Tools before, I always use room spray to freshen the training or meeting room, and I think... why not make one for myself! 





This wonderful natural room spray collection - My Sweet Home - is perfect to freshen any room, linens, cars, couches, and closets. Not for skin or clothing.


Natural oil may become separated over time, simply shake the bottle before use. All made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Make-to-order for your own special needs. 

How to use it?

My Sweet Home by LamSquare

Want one?

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Room Spray Workshop - My Sweet Home by LamSquare
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