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About me

Deane Lam @ LamSquare Consultant

Deane Lam

Founder & Managing Director of LamSquare


Things I'm working on

Deane is an organisational development professional with more than fifteen years of experience in project management, process improvement, people development, performance management and consulting, and has been working with organizations to help them manage people, lead the team and improve performance. 


Before starting her professional practice, for years she held a role as a company-wide organizational development specialist coordinating different aspects of business process design, and managing cross-functional teams for performance improvement. She became known for her engaging, high-energy style, and ability to make things happen. 


With her experience in leading people and managing projects, and a determination to offer something different, she took her experience, energy and desire to help others succeed and formed LamSquare Consultant in 2007.

Besides working with public and private sector groups on people and organisational development, Deane has been developing her own brand of products including room spray and stationary to fill up our lives with the spirit of "Learn . Inspire . Believe".   


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